Competitive Pricing We have scoured the internet to create a pricing that is unmatched for the quality we offer.
Consistent Supply As a preferred platform, we are able to guarantee consistent supply of products for your business, whether small, medium or large.
Quality Assurance 100% OEM parts in all used phones. The products are tested, graded and verified at an internal grading centre. Our grading system is transparent and easy to follow.
Ease of Transaction We offer customers several payment options, enhancing the ease of transaction.
30 Days Warranty Customer-friendly warranty policy for our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality standards.
Low MOQs We support businesses of all sizes, with low MOQ per product.


More than 40+ Million products sold


Computers & Tablets


Android Phones

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About Rehandel

Rehandel is a cross-border B2B platform for smartphones and consumer electronics, backed by the deep global Infrastructure of Mercantile. Having handled and sold over 40 million devices to customers in 100+ countries, we are combining our deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to create our platform and pioneer a new way of business. Rehandel offers both used and new devices in consumer electronics allowing businesses to scale and build at their own pace. The products we sell are reliably sourced, refurbished, repaired, cleaned, tested, and graded by us. With our platform, we are taking away the various layers in the supply chain by catering to manufacturers, brands, telecom operators, distributors, wholesalers, and importers. Rehandel brings a level playing field that is underlined by assured quality, consistent supply, and ease of transaction.

Our Network is your network

Bridging sellers and buyers across the world

Our Network is your Network

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Always Stock Ready!

✅ We are always stock ready. Are you ready to buy form Rehandel ? Explore a hassle-free B2B marketplace for all your electronics bulk buying - Go to My Account and Set up Account to see wholesale Prices.

What is Stocks for Grading ?

At Rehandel, get ✅ Smart choice: We deal in a wide range of graded mobile phones and electronic gadgets. 100% genuine products. ✅ Quality assurance: Our products are checked, verified and tested at in-house grading center.

Rehandel Stocks ?

100% original and certified graded used products, tested thoroughly at various stages for the wholesalers, shopowners, and retail parties associated with Rehandel.

Graded Phones

At Rehandel, all products we offer are tested, graded and verified at an internal grading centre. Our grading system is transparent and easy to follow.

Green Economy

At Rehandel, Sustainability is at our core. We aim to save the phone's from being dumped into landfills and contribute to preserving our nature by reusing them and being a part of the circular economy.

Join our Family and spread optimism.

Green Economy
  • 10 Million + Metric tons of CO-equivalent emissions avoided in 2020
  • 20 Million + Metric tons of watsed phones recycled or reused globally in 2020 = 28 Million garbage bags
  • $ 1 Billion + generated anually , on average through various byproduct reuse and recycling activities.
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