Q1. What is a used and graded phone?

A used and graded phone is a pre-owned device that is tested, checked, and graded so that it is ready for reuse. These phones have been made ready for reuse by way of data wipe, by removing network locks, and by checking for SIM card functionality. A used and graded phone is fully functional but may exhibit some wear and tear in appearance.


Q2. Are the products tested before being shipped to customers?

Yes, all our phones go through our rigorous testing and grading process in-house.

Q3. What is the battery health of the products?

This varies depending on the grade. Details of the grades can be viewed here.

Q4. Can I see a photograph of the products before I buy them?

Unfortunately, we cannot display photographs of every product sold on our platform. However, you can view our grading guide to understand what to expect of products by grade. Please visit our grading guide here.

Q5. How do I know what I am going to get?

Our grading system takes away the ambiguity of what to expect by clearly and simply stating what each grade means. While we do not offer photographs for every product, we do offer visuals to describe the details by grade. This clearly sets the expectations for the phones based on the grade chosen.


Q6. Does Rehandel deliver globally?

Yes, we deliver globally. To know more, do leave your email with our customer support team to check the availability at your location or you can directly click here.

Q7. How do I place an order on Rehandel?

To place an order, you have to register on Rehandel. This step requires you to enter your business details. Once you register, please wait 24 hours for the verification to be completed. On successful verification, you will be able to access the entire inventory with prices. You can select products and product quantity. Once you’ve made your selection, please proceed to checkout to complete your order.

Q8. Can I get a discount for bulk purchases?

If your order is for 500 units or more, please get in touch with our customer support team.

Q9. Why is my registration verified?

Rehandel assures customers of the highest standards of transaction. Both our suppliers and buyers are verified for source and credibility which is the Rehandel guarantee.

Q10. How long will my order take to be fulfilled?

On confirmation of your order, we expect it to be fulfilled between 2-3 hours. You will also receive an Order Confirmation email.

Q11. Can I come to the warehouse and pick up the products?

We do not offer a warehouse pickup.

Q12. Are the products sold on website genuine?

All products sold on are 100% genuine and authentic.

Q13. How can I track my order?

You can track your order via the tracking details provided on the Order Shipped email.

Q14. Can I cancel my order?

Currently, you cannot cancel an order. However, you can ask for an exchange or refund. Please read our Returns/ Refunds section.


Q15. What is the return Policy?

  1. You can return the product as long as the product is dead on arrival (DOA) or faulty.
  2. If a wrong product is shipped it can be returned as long as original packaging is intact and the product box is unopened.
  3. Please write to us at within 24 hours of receiving the product for registering a complaint.

Q16. What are my options to return a product(s)?

We have 30 days no question asked return policy for grades P1+, P2+, P3+ and P4+. For Android phones, this policy is limited to SIM lock only. A return request can be made only after 7 days from the date of delivery of the order. Any request for return must be made via email to

On receiving the mail, our team will send you an RMA form. This includes details such as handset IMEI numbers and/or tablet serial numbers. The RMA form must be completed and emailed within 7 days of the return request. Only one return request is permitted per order. Which means that you should mention all the devices you wish to return for that particular order.

Do ensure that the barcode on the device is intact as we do not allow returns of devices that have been tampered with.

We allow returns for:

  1. Any mechanical problems with buttons, with issues with the display, with signal connection or software problems that prevent the functioning of the device.
  2. Cosmetic problems for P1-grade phones only.
  3. Please visit our grading guide here.

Our response time for return requests is within 24 hours.

Q17. Where can I check the status of my return?

You can check the status of your return on the website. Login to your account and view ‘My Orders’. You will also receive a Return Accepted email once your return request has been approved.


Q18. How do I know if my product has been shipped?

Once your order has been shipped, we will send you an email with the shipping details.

Q19. How can I track shipping?

Please log on to your Rehandel account and visit the orders section to track your order.

PAYMENTS and Refunds

Q20. When do I receive a payment confirmation for my order?

It usually takes 24 hours to confirm the payment.

Q21. Do you have a payment on delivery option?

Currently, we are accepting only online payments, via online bank transfer or through credit and debit cards.

Q22. When do I receive my invoice?

Invoice is sent to your email account as soon as the item is dispatched.

Q23. How long does it take to receive a refund?

Once a refund approval mail is sent it usually takes 7-14 business days for the refunded amount to credit in to your account.

I have not received the refunded amount even after 14 days.

Please write to us at

Q24. How can I know the status of my refund?

You can view the status of your refund by logging in to your Rehandel account and “My Orders.” Once your refund has been initiated, you will receive a Refund Initiated email with tracking details provided.


Q25. Where can I reach your customer support?

Our customer support is available to address your concerns and answer any queries we haven’t covered here. You can reach us via email at

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